Featured Project: Silver Bells In The City

Media Advantage produces a wide variety of videos.   From television commercials to educational videos to music videos, we make them all.  Perhaps our favorite project that we have the good fortune to work on every year is the Silver Bells project.  Silver Bells is an annual holiday celebration that takes pace throughout the great state of Michigan before finally settling in on the state capitol lawn in Lansing.  It is estimated that over 100,000 people attend the event each year and another 50,000 watch the event online or on television.  The event is produced by LEPFA (The Lansing Entertainment of Public Facilities Authority) and is advertised in part by a series of videos created by Media Advantage.

The video series keys in on four key Silver Bells related events: The Michigan State Christmas Tree harvest, The Silver Bells 5K, the Silver Bells Christmas tree ornament (created by La Fille Gallery) and the promotional videos for the event itself.  During the COVID shutdown, Silver Bells shifted to a virtual event which created more opportunities for Media Advantage to create content.  In addition to the items listed above, we also create a Hanukah video and a Kwanza video for the Fox 47 broadcast.  LEPFA has given us a considerable amount of creative freedom and we think it shows in the pieces that we have produced for them.

The harvesting of the Michigan State Christmas tree is a project that is managed by the DTMB (Department of Technology, Management and Budget) and the Michigan Association Of Timberman.  Together, the DTMB and the Timberman locate candidate trees to be harvested throughout the year before deciding in early fall.   There is an amazing holiday ceremony that takes place as the tree is being cut down and a great voyage to the Michigan State Capitol lawn before the tree is installed.  Our adventures have taken us to hills of Iron Mountain, the shores of Lake Gogebic and to the top of the Mackinaw Bridge.  It’s a fantastic story and we love being able to be the ones that tell it.