🎥 Part-Time Video Producer – Media Advantage 💻
Are you passionate about video production, with a knack for both the technical and creative sides of the craft? Media Advantage is looking for a part-time Video Producer who blends strong video editing and shooting skills with an organized, creative mindset, and a robust work ethic. Join us for a role where your talents are celebrated, and your ideas can truly make a splash!

Key Responsibilities:
🎥 Spend 12-25 hours a week immersed in video production, balancing creativity with precision to produce content that captivates and engages. This could evolve into a full time position.
💻 Showcase your video editing and shooting prowess, bringing narratives to life through your keen eye for detail and storytelling ability.

🎥 Maintain impeccable organization of projects and assets, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently from concept to delivery.
💻 Unleash your creativity, proposing and implementing innovative ideas that elevate our content and delight our audience.
🎥 Demonstrate a strong work ethic, reliably meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations with your dedication and drive.

What We’re Looking For:
💻 Proven experience in video editing and shooting, with a portfolio or reel that highlights your skill and creativity.
🎥 Exceptional organizational skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and adapt to shifting priorities.
💻 A creative thinker who’s always on the lookout for new, exciting ways to tell stories through video.
🎥 An ability to not only work independently, but also take constructive criticism from team leaders
💻 A commitment to quality and a strong work ethic, capable of thriving in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

Why Join Media Advantage? At Media Advantage, you’ll be part of a vibrant team that values creativity, innovation, and collaboration. We offer a supportive and flexible working environment where you can grow your skills and make a real impact. With a variety of projects and the chance to be part of a creative community, you’ll find a fulfilling and rewarding career with us.
Interested? We’d love to hear from you! APPLY AT THE LINK BELOW 👇

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