Olga’s Kitchen
Social Campaign

• The Ask:  To take over day to day social management. This includes solving guest problems that occur in the restaurants while expanding the reach of the Olga’s Kitchen voice.
• The Answer: We decided to place more effort on Twitter and Instagram. By managing Yelp, we can create a better experience for guests in the restaurants and head off any potential problems. Olga’s also needed a voice, and instead of cramming specials, food and intrusive communications down users throats, we created a friendly and humorous voice that seemed more like your local mom and pop joint.
• Outcome: We saw a huge boost in engagement through all social mediums. Users had their questions and concerns answered faster and friendlier. The fan base has also increased through the use of promoted posts and photos that encourage users to engage. More than ever, users feel like they are not just a customer in a casual sit down restaurant, but part of the Olga’s family.